Superviseur Larvaire/Artemia pour élevage de sandre (H/F)

Job Title: Larval & Artemia Supervisor

  • Designation: Supervisor / Hatchery
  • Work Unit: Hatchery building – Freshwater Fish Production
  • Must report to: Hatchery Manager
  • Location: Hatchery building – Erstfeld – Switzerland


Primary Objective

The Larval & Artemia Supervisor will assist the Hatchery Manager and will supervise the fish larval production (Sander lucioperca) and the Artemia production of Basis57. He will ensure that the production target is achieved. He will check that the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are respected, and no technical drift occurs. He will directly report to the Hatchery Manager.


Key Responsibilities
In keeping with Basis57 values, its main duties will be:

1. To provide day to day field supervision with the larval/Artemia rearing processes and ensure completion of all tasks on a daily basis.
2. To ensure the smooth operation of Fish larval & Artemia production areas for the production of high value freshwater finfish weaned fry.
3. To daily check that all SOPs are respected (zootechnical, maintenance and biosecurity).
4. To assist the Hatchery Manager in the management of the production, research and development programs in larval/Artemia rearing.
5. To assist to operate the production planning of larval rearing/Artemia.
6. To assist to organise the production of high quality of weaned larvae or fry.
7. To help to maintain with the Hatchery Manager a highly efficient rearing facility that allows staff to meet Basis57 production requirements in terms of larval/Artemia densities, quantity, quality, and economical targets.
8. To assist to monitor the health in accordance with the Biosecurity and Safety policy of Basis57 and undertake regular inspection of the sections to ensure clean and hygienic environment.
9. To organise delivery & transfer of required larval / fry quantity to the Nursery areas.
10. To verify in accordance with the maintenance manager that rearing process maintenance of all rooms is implemented in due time.
11. To ensure that all larval/Artemia consumables are in stock and in a reasonable quantity to ensure the production operation smoothly.
12. The Larval & Artemia supervisor will assist the other departments of the Hatchery (Broodstock/Nursery) as per the instruction of the Hatchery Manager and based on production requirements.


Working hours
The usual working hours will be :
07:00 – 11h30
13:00 – 17h30
The position will includes on-calls, week-end and work during public holidays.
In case of absence the Larval/Artemia supervisor will be replaced by the Broodstock/Nursery supervisor.
Selection criteria


The following skills are required :

1. Highly organized and goal orientated individual with a Diploma in aquaculture.
2. Minimum of 5 years of experience in larval rearing with intensive systems with flow through and / or RAS technologies.
3. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both written and oral, and proven supervisory skills.
4. Demonstrated Leadership with exemplary interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and adept at solving problems and developing solutions in real time.
5. Work effectively with international technicians, consultants, suppliers, and Basis57 staff.
6. Demonstrable ability to enter, manipulate and analyse data on a computer and produce technical reports.
7. German or at least strong English ability (written, spoken and reading). Willed to learn German as well.


Salary Package
An attractive and dynamic salary package is proposed, depending on the experience of the candidate.
Other Relevant Information

Please send your CV and your introduction letter to Flavien Dekoninck (Hatchery Manager) :


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